Makkumath a winter seat of Tungnath

Makkumath a winter seat of Tungnath

Uttarkhand is renowned throughout the world for its Dham yatra. Yearly millions of pilgrims visit this place to get the blessing of their beloved god. However, Kedarnath temple as four other subsidiary temples which are Tungnath, Rudranath, Madhyamaheswar, and Kalpeshwar all these five temples together called Pancha Kedara. The devotee of Lord shiva visits all these Pancha Kedra temples.

Whereas during winter pilgrims can’t visit the Tunganth temple has the whole region receives heavy snowfall. Hence, throughout the time of winter Makkumath is the worship place for the Lord Tunganth. As the idol of lord moves from Tunganth to Makkumath even the priest relocates to perform the daily rituals to the lord Tunganth.

How to reach Makkumath?

This village is located in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. It has a well-connected bus service with all the major towns and cities in Uttarakhand. Whereas the nearest airport is Jolly Grant airport, and the nearest railways are Rishikesh railways.

Why one should visit Makkumath?

Besides the pilgrimage, this hamlet offers visual delight to visitors with its scenic beauty. Here one can enjoy themself by taking the break from the stressful life by escaping into the gorgeous nature. This amazing hamlet locates in the midst of the forest which fully covered with Oka, deodar and rhododendron tree.

The Best Bird Watching Location in Uttarakhand
The Best Bird Watching Location in Uttarakhand

The Best Bird Watching Location in Uttarakhand

On the other hand, it is considered as a bird paradise here you sight different varieties of birds and also the rare species of Himalayan birds. This place is a paradise for bird watchers and bird photographers. If you are bird watching for the first time?. Then it is advisable to take help from the guide who will explain the bird species along with when will be the best season and the time to watch the birds.

Weather in Makkumath

Plan a trip to Makkumath during summer as it is an ideal tourist place for summer. During this time of year, the temperature will be cool, tourists can view the bed of colourful flowers that blossoms in summer which makes this place surreal.

Whereas during winter this place provides a spectacular view of ice caps on the mountains. Trekkers can opt for Deoria Tal treks and Chopta trek which gives trekkers an amazing experience.

If your travelling in winter wear warm clothing as the temperature here will be very low.

Besides this monsoons bring this place alive but one as to be very careful while visiting during this time of year. As they will road blockage for hours and the possibility of land sliding.

Tips to follow

As Makkumath is a village it doesn’t have any atm service. So make sure you carry the required amount of cash with you.

Carry eatables and the essential items with you. Here you won’t be able to find any major shop or hotel for dining.

Make sure all your mobile phones and cameras are charged properly. Here electricity won’t be available all the time.

Activities at Makkumath


One of the best activities to do at the Makkumath is hiking. Through this one can have a close encounter with the different bird species and the amazing sight of nature in its full glory. Moreover, enthusiastic individuals can hike to the neighbouring villages among these Sari is the best place to hike.


Another activity one can do here is trekking this place offers famous trekking trail which are Deoria Tal treks, Chopta, Chandrashilla and Tunganth trek.

Village tour

The best way to open up oneself and learn about the culture and daily activities of the villagers. Makkumath people are very friendly and warm welcoming. By communicating with them one can understand their lifestyle. Try some local cuisine if possible buy some local hand made items as a memory.


As most of us carry cameras with us whenever we go for a trip to capture the beautiful sight and make it memorable. Similarly, this place provides ample opportunity for photography with its picturesque sites. Here one can capture the amazing site of different varieties of bird species and the beautiful woods covered with lush greenery.

Places to visit in Makkumath

Tungnath Temple

The divine temple is one of the Kedara temples among Pancha Kedara temples. It is the highest Kedra and shiva temple in India as it is located at an altitude of 3,680 m. One as to reach this temple via trekking in the rocky terrain, green meadows here one can view the know and unknown peaks of Himalayas.

Note: In winter this region receives heavy snowfall which is not feasible to access during that time of the year.

Deoria Tal

The Deoria Tal is a place where you can witness two different worlds at the same time. One is the spectacular view of the place in which lake locates and the second is the reflection of the surrounding nature in the emerald lake. Trekking to this place is the winter is the best option where you can view the breathtaking sight of the snow and lake along with the reflection of the mountains covered with snow in the waters of the lake.

Kanchula Kharak Musk Deer Sanctuary

A famous wildlife sanctuary in the Chopta region. Here one can view rare species of Himalayas wildlife and the wide range of vegetation. As it is located in the midst of the forest this adds an additional attraction to this place. Some of the Chopta locals believe that plants that inhabit here don’t have scientific names yet.


Makkumath as religious importance among the pilgrims who want to visit the Pancha Kedra in winter to get the blessing of Lord Tungnath.Apart from this Makkumath is a scenic beauty with rare species of Himalayan birds.



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