Champawat- Known for its Beauty History and Legends

Champawat- Known  for its Beauty, History, and Legends

Uttarakhand, a northeastern state offers many visual treats for the eye. Exciting adventurous actives like trekking in the Himalayas along with the legends related to the Hindu Gods make this place wonderful. In fact, this paradise on earth is known as Deva Bhoomi.

One such place is Champawat town. This was once the capital of the Kumaon region. These regions ware ruled by the Chand dynasty. The forts and ruins are the evidence for this dynasty. Champawat visited by many tourists yearly some adventure enthusiastic youth opt for travel on a motorcycle giving a different experience.

Why plan a trip to Champawat? This place is the best vacation spot for family as it has many sightseeing places and temples to visit. The temperature is an added advantage for tourists to visit this place. The valleys covered with greenery and the stream of rivers water surrounded by Himalayan mountains give an extraordinary visual treat for tourist’s eyes. Therefore, plan a vacation to Champawat.

The airport near to Champawat is Pithoragarh. Based on the convenience once can choose the mode of transport. The railway station near to Champawat is Tanakpur. From Champawat bus services are available to all the parts of the state.

Legends of Champawat

This beautiful town has many legends. First one is related to Lord Vishnu and his Dasavatharam. During the churning of ocean asuras and devas used Mandara mountain to churn the milky ocean and the snake Vasuki as the rope. At that time, as the mountain sank into the water, Lord Vishnu took Kurma avatar (Turtle) so that they can place the mountain on his back and churn it. It is believed that Lord Vishnu turned in to Kurma Avatar at this place.

Another Legend is that during the great war of Mahabharata the most powerful Bhima had a son with a demon princess named Hidimbi and the name of the son is Ghatotkacha. During the war, the head of the Ghatotkacha was slashed. The head part is believed to have fallen on the grounds of Champawat. There is a mandir dedicated to Ghatotkacha here.

Another legend is that during the exile of Pandavas they spend a few years at this place which was once capital city for nine Naga kings.

Sunrise View
Sunrise View


Places to Visit in Champawat

Baleshwar Temple

One of the must-visit places in Champawat is Baleshwar Temple. It is a monument and temple. Since it is constructed by the Chand dynasty rulers the architecture of the temple is as per the Chand dynasty. The main deity in the temple is Lord Shiva. Another two mandirs are inside the temple complex. The stone carving and architecture is the attraction at the temple.

Nagnath Temple

It is one of the ancient and sacred temples in the Champawat. The main deity in the temple is Lord Shiva. Yearly many devotees all around the country visit this sacred Nagnath temple. This temple architecture will be in the Kumaroni style.

Ek Hathiya Ka Naula

This wonderful marvel is located 5 km from the Champawat. This stone carving and spectral architecture attract tourists and art lovers around the world. An artist with a single hand did this wonderful carving in one night.

Mayawati Ashram

This Ashram is a scenic beauty which lures a large number of tourist who visits Champawat. this place is famous for both its scenic beauty and spirituality.

Loghat Hillstation

Another famous tourist attraction spot is Loghat. This a small hill station in the Kumaon region which is covered with pine and oak trees. The view from the hilltop mesmerizes the tourist who visits the scenic beauty.


The speciality of this temple is the festival which they conduct on Raksha Bandhan day by throwing pebbles on one another which surprises visitors. Whereas for these people it is an auspicious moment. The name of the festival is Bagwal.


Champawat is a place which is a blend of both devotion and sight-seeing. Therefore, plan a trip to Champawat along with family and friends which leaves with good memories.




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