Vishal Badri– Badrinath Dham is located at an altitude of about 3133 meters above the sea in the lap of the Nar and Narayan Mountains and at the height of approximately 3133 meters from the sea level in front of the Nilkanth mountain ranges. This temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu was established by Adiguru Shankaracharya as one of the four Dham.

Aadi Badri-Aadi Badri is located on Karnaprag-Ranikhet road. A temple complex is a group of 16 temples but the main temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. A water stream in front of the temple, popularly known as 'Uttar Vahini Ganga'. It is believed that this pilgrimage was established by Adi Shankaracharya in the Gupta period.

Vridha Badri- Vridha Badri 8 km from Badrinath the Vridha Badri is located in the picturesque hills of the Alaknanda River, at an altitude of 1380 meters. The specialty of this temple remains open around the year. It is said to be the fifth Badri out of Panch Badri.

Yog Dhyan Badri- Yog Badri 20 km from Joshimath At the height of 1920 meters and is located at the place, is called 'Pandukeshwar', the sanctum sanctorum of this temple was built by Pandu, the sacred idol of Lord Vishnu on the lotus flower is presented in the Yogamudra.

Bhavishya Badri -Bhavishya Badri is located at the height of 2744 meters from the sea level, four km from Tapovan. It is said that Agastya sage had done penance here. But due to the overwhelming climb, physically fit travelers can reach here only.