Cave-life is great! Just like the ancient Rishis and seers lived in caves, like those in the Himalayas, and honed their minds via rigorous tapas. The temperature stays pretty even in caves only fluctuating between 15°C to 26°C or 60°F to 80°F. It’s a good thing because there are some heat waves happening right now! We know that it gets freezing in winter, but we think you’ll appreciate the extra warmth of your breath as you breathe out inside these caves as well as keeping your mind clear for when you meditate.!

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Theme-Based Caves Tour

jhilmil cave rishikesh
From ₹ 2500/Per Person
Full-Day Adventure

Jhilmil Cave Trek

From ₹ 9,90/Per Person
Half-Day Adventure

Mahadev Cave Hike

mauni baba cave
From ₹ 9,90/Per Person
Half-Day- Adventure

Mauni Baba Cave Trail

vashisht cave
From ₹ 2490/Per Person
Full-Day-Road Trip

Vashisht & Kailsah Cave