Where To Exchange Foreign Currencies in Rishikesh

Where To Exchange Foreign Currencies in Rishikesh

The lovely town of Rishikesh has seen an upsurge of foreign tourists in recent years. May it is for its immensely rich cultural significance, or for its inane calm that it washes over the tourists as they enter this pious city, or it may even be for business purposes. With such an upsurge, it is important to cater to foreign nationals with different kinds of services, one such important service is exchanging currency in the small town of Rishikesh.

Take out money from ATM Machine 

Rishikesh has a decent number of ATMs from where you can withdraw money through your card. The ATMs will give you currency in INR. The ATMs also charge a little service fee. There was a time in Rishikesh that ATMs were a foreign concept, yet in today’s time, you can find little ATMs popping up in this city.

If ATM is out of order what to do?

But sometimes it may happen that  ATM is closed or out of order then you have another option to withdraw money, just simply go to the Money Exchanger or Jewelry Shops and ask them that I have a credit card and I really need some money and then they swipe your credit card  in their  shop’s Credit card Swipe Machine and  they charge  only 4% of the total amount and give you rest of money in Indian rupees.

Thomas Cook Foreign Money Exchanger

If you are looking to exchange foreign cash then you don’t necessarily have to go to a bank to do so. There are several travel agencies like Thomas Cook that will do it for you. There are also some jewelry shops near Ram Jhula and Lakshman Jhula, both popular tourist hubs, where you can get INR in exchange for foreign cash. However, make sure these places are well endorsed by the RBI and are legal.

Documents Required for Exchange Money

A lot of travel agencies have their branches in Rishikesh and give you a good enough rate. There are many currency exchange offices also that you can approach. But you need to carry the photocopy of your passport and photocopy of visa also to exchange your money in Indian rupees. Most of the jewelry shops keepers in the Laxman Jhula area, do not ask the photocopy of the passport but if you have a lot to exchange more 1000 US Dollars than you must carry it.

Why Exchange Rate may vary in Rishikesh?

The exchange rates tend to fluctuate in Rishikesh, however many agencies try to give a decent rate. However, you must make sure that you check the authenticity of any of the agencies that you wish to change your cash from. There are some online options too, where you can register, give your travel info and receive payment.

You can also keep checking the foreign exchange rate through the internet to ensure that you are not being cheated.

Some Popular Currency Exchange Providers Are:

Thomas Cook- it has many offices and branches located all over Rishikesh.

Divine India Travels– Located at Laxman Jhula

Muthoot Finance Ltd– Located near Dehradun Road

Himalayan Touch Tours– Swargasham

Green Hotel- Swargasham

Bhakti  Emporium – Ramjhula Parking

J P Jewelers – Laxman Jhula near Fab India

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