Unexplored Tourist Destinations in Tehri Garhwal

According to the Himalayan Legend, Lord Brahma decided to stay in Tehri Garhwal before deciding to create the Universe, It is still an unexplored Unexplored Tourist Destinations in spite of modernization. The great Tehri dam is built here but now under waters that led to the building of New Terhi. The local maintains intact the ancestral culture inherited from powerful dynasties that ruled for almost a thousand years.

Around Tehri

The Tehri is away from the massive tourist circuits. It is famous for a delicious season of relaxation and meditation combining walks and forest bath.  For example, the Khatling Glacier, 62 km from Tehri and  Reeh, and Gangi tourist destination quite famous, where you will find rest house for accommodations.  Gangi is actually the last town with tourist facilities in this region and only 7 km before the  Masartal.

Narendra Nagar Town

Narendra Nagar was the capital of the ancient Garhwal kingdom and currently is a part  of the New Tehri district. It offers landscapes location such as a birds-eye view of the Ganga River and overlooking the Doon Valley, which offers breathtaking landscapes at the time of sunset. And, there is Kunjapuri temple, famous for Sunrise View nearby Rishikesh.

Tehri Palace
Tehri Palace

Chamba Town

It is an elevation of 1676 meters altitude, the main attraction crossroads, and its delicious apples. Here you will find several classic and luxury hotels and rest houses.

Dhanaulti – A Hill Station

it is located 29 km from Chamba, in the middle of thick virgin forests, promising peace and tranquility. The long wooded slopes provide fresh, open-air, ideal for a relaxing vacation. Tourist houses, cabins in the woods, and rest houses are available.

New Tehri

it is a modern and planned city, built to replace the Old Tehri that is now under the waters by the construction of the gigantic Tehri dam. It is  11 km away from Chamba and has some modern hotels offering suitable for all and budget tourists as well.

How To Reach Tehri

Tehri is very easy to get to by air or land; the nearest airport is Jollygrant, 93 km away, and the nearby railway station is Rishikesh, one of the largest in India, 76 km away. From these terminals, you can easily reach Tehri by taxi or bus


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