Short day trek around Rishikesh

Trek to Kunjapuri Devi Temple

This temple perched on top of a mountain offers beautiful views of the Himalayan mountains. It is located 30 km from Lakshman Jhula, you can reach it by renting a scooter or taking a taxi: the road is not complex but calculated more than an hour between winding curves and uneven asphalt. Google Maps perfectly signals the itinerary and getting lost is almost impossible! To get to the top you have to climb a staircase of more than 313 steps (we counted them, but they seemed more!), Once at the top, you can relax in the temple and even have lunch in a cafe that is inside. If you have good legs you should choose the solution to get up here by taxi and then get down to Rishikesh on foot, with a nice demanding 18 km trek, which passes by the Neer Garh Waterfalls (see next paragraph): the road is long but the path in the mountains is mostly downhill, so quite light. On your way you will meet several interesting villages in which to rest and where to chat (mostly by gestures) with the inhabitants.

Trekking to the Neer Gaddu Waterfalls

If you are looking for a nice walk to warm up your muscles, we recommend a short trek to the Neer Gaddu Waterfalls, a multi-level waterfall just a few kilometers from Rishikesh. Suitable for everyone and not too tiring, this little trip out of town will only take half a day away. If you want you can do the whole walk, from Lakshman Jhula Bridge are about 2 km until the official entrance of the path uphill to the top of the waterfalls (all on main roads not too pleasant to travel except for some nice views of the Ganges of the upper).

You can choose to do this stretch by car (just ask for a ride on the road and spend 10-15 rupees per person) or continue on foot, arm yourself with stones or a stick because there are numerous monkeys who tend to get too close in these areas. Arrived at the path paid the entrance (50 rupees) to the ticket counter and started to climb along a dusty road. Soon you will find a small path to your right, this is a shortcut that climbs steeply up to the first puddles. Take it or continue on the main road and after about half an hour uphill you will find some stalls selling various drinks and food: a few steps later, just before a curve, there is a path that goes steeply to the left, which you have to take.

From here it’s all uphill, not too demanding: on your path, you will find several beautiful pools where you can also take a bath if you want to challenge the frozen water. For the less adventurous there are small shops that have set up in little pools shallow tables inside the water where to have lunch (with a plate of instant noodles or a quick omelete) with the feet directly to soak. After 40 minutes of ascent (if you do not make too many stops) you will reach the last waterfall and then the last pool. From here if you still want to walk you can continue to climb along the path and in about half an hour, through terraced fields and large hollow trees, you will arrive at the small village of Neer, just long enough to stop and chat with the local inhabitants and then start again towards the much faster descent.

Trekking to Patna Waterfalls

An, even more, a majestic waterfall and reachable with a nice walk of about 5 kilometers (plus another 5 on the way back) from Lakshman Jhula Bridge. From the bridge follow the road that runs along the Ganges on the right bank, walking in the opposite direction to the current. Continue on this scenic road, quiet and not too busy for about 4 km; at some point, you will find on your left a group of shops selling snacks and drinks, across the road you will see a path that climbs steeply upwards. There are no written directions, but climbing this path you will arrive after about 1 km to the Patna waterfall. Along the way you will find only one junction, keep right and cross a small stream you will find the impressive waterfalls, whose particularity is not so much in a powerful jet as in the beauty of the choreographic rocks from which the water gushes. At the foot of the waterfall there are several pools where you can cool off and in some deeper spots, you can even swim. If you want to lengthen the walk back you can decide to take the fork opposite the waterfall and continuing to climb for about 15 minutes to reach the beautiful resort Abhayaranya Yoga Village, where you can have tea or simply enjoy the beautiful view from its terrace before start the descent again.

Discovering the Neelkanth Mahadev Trek

This temple-town perched on top of a mountain is truly an incredible place. Not so much because of the beauty or aura of the spirituality of the temple itself, but because around it stands a real town set in the mountains, which gravitates completely around the temple activities. Many faithful Hindus go to this place on the weekend to celebrate Lord Sheeva, to whom the temple is dedicated. From the temple, you will see from afar stand out on a nearby peak the Laxmi Devi Temple, on the way back if you have time you can reach it (they are not even 2 km) to enjoy the peace of the temple (less frequented Neelkanth) and the beautiful view that offers this peak . You can get to Neelkanth Mahadev by moped or by private taxi: they are 30 km from Rishikesh of dusty mountain roads, even in this case the place is well marked on Google Maps. Your road will begin, like the one that takes you to the Patna Waterfalls described above, by Lakshman Jhula, holding the Ganges on the left and going against the current.

More demanding trekking starting from Rishikesh

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