Next year, “The Beatles in India”, a documentary directed by Paul Saltzman on the journey that the Fab Four undertook in 1968 for Rishikesh, a city located in the district of Dehradun, to study transcendental meditation under the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s guide in an ashram located on the banks of the river Ganges: Saltzman, also present in ’68 in the spiritual center of the Indian mystic, has included in the feature film not only material shot at the time during the Indian stay of the Beatles, but also interviews conducted during his recent return to Rishikesh.

“It’s from the mid-nineties that I think of a documentary on the Beatles’ journey to India,” said the film’s producer, Reynold D’Silva: “By pure coincidence, or maybe destiny, three different people put me in contact with Paul last year. After a first phone call, we agreed on the path to be taken to make this film. Paul has a great deal of experience in his field, as well as a very clear vision and a deep knowledge of the subject he has treated “.

The Beatles first met Maharishi in Bangor, Wales, in 1967: the Fab Four joined him a year later in Rishikesh in February, accompanied by a party of which the companions were part, assistants to several journalists. Ringo Starr and his wife left the ashram after ten days, while McCartney stayed another three weeks: Harrison and Lennon interrupted their stay after six weeks following Maharishi’s accusations of harassment of his guests. During the stay in Rishikesh were written by the Beatles numerous songs, most of which then merged into the “white album” recorded between March and October of ’68.


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