Siddhashram: The Elusive Abode For The Enlightened Ones

Some places in India are so mysterious and mystical that only the highly profound visitors can witness them. One can only reach such places after intense Sadhna and deep meditation. Siddhashram is one such heavenly place that is impossible for ordinary humans to visit.

  • It is famous as the land of Gods, this ashram is magical in every sense. From breathtaking views to eternally blossoming flowers, Siddhashram Siddhashram: The Elusive Abode For The Enlightened Ones is akin to heaven on earth. Read below to know more about this elusive place.
  • Nestled in the snowy bosom of the Himalayas, over the tall trees, and across the enchanted rivers, this mystical ashram is perhaps the most ethereal place you will ever come across.
  • People lucky enough to visit the Siddhashram have described it as a paradise on the earth. It finds in thousands of ancient scriptures, Siddhashram will touch your soul and capture your heart. A great sage like Vishwamitra has described it as the real beauty of life.

Where Is It?

As per the Holy Sages, the ashram is nestled near Mansarovar lake and Kailash. As per belief, one cannot see it with their naked eyes and you can only reach there if you can take the spiritual path and have an awakening. It is hidden deep in the Himalayas, where yogis and gurus sit in penance. Siddhashram finds its mention in texts like the Veda, Upanishads and Puranas, and the Rigveda.

To see this place, you will have to reach the highest level in your sadhana and seek the blessings of a guru who has come to this place before.

Siddhashram in in the Himalayas
Siddhashram in in the Himalayas- Imaginary Picture

A Bit Of Myth of Siddhashram 

  • Siddhashram is so popular that it finds its mention in texts like the Mahabharata. Even Bhishma’s last wish while lying on a bed of arrows was to enter the mystical Siddhashram. Yudhistir too wished the same from Lord Krishna.
  • Siddhashram is so magical the most of the famous yogis, ancient sages, and gurus have once wanted to enter into this realm and spend some moment cleansing and purifying themselves. It is believed that every avenue, every nook, and every corner of Siddhashram is sacred and pious.
  • There is also a divine lake that glitters every eternally. With such mystical visuals, sights worth marveling at, Siddhashram has caught the fancy of many travelers. People also say that the weather here is always pleasant and beautiful, as the cycle of seasons doesn’t pass through this ashram.
  • It is like time comes to a complete stop, and the only constant thing is bliss, tranquillity, stunning beauty, and happiness. Siddhashram is held in such high regard, that no one can even fall sick here. It is devoid of any negativity, sadness, or worries.

The Management of the Ashram 

  • The entire maintenance and management of Siddhashram are under Yogiraj Swami Satchidanandji, who is still as young as he was thousand of years ago.
  • His magical powers are world-famous. People even believe that every time he appears he radiates an aura that blessed the entire valley of Siddhashram.

The Area of Siddhaashram 

  • Siddhashram is nestled right in the basket of nature. It feels as if nature has gifted this place with all its bounties and love. From different colored roses to daisies that sway with the wind.
  • Legends say that there is also a protective shield that covers the entire area, and because of this shield, no flower has ever died or withered away.
  • The soft dewy grass near the ashram is as soft as a Turkish carpet. You can just lay there and forget all about the hustle-bustle of life.
  • Some exotic birds float with the clouds and sing the most melodious and beautiful songs you will have ever heard.
  • If you look at the horizon, you will find it dotted with little straw huts and humble abodes that will remind you about the modesty of the renowned sages.

The Ashram

  • When you are in the ashram you will face no restrictions or prohibitions. Every person has their own free will and can act in the way they want.
  • Unlike other ashrams, in Siddhashram, everyone has to follow the unsaid rule that makes sure that they are within their boundaries and limits.
  • No one has any shred of negativity, and everyone is filled with kindness and warmth. Most people are engrossed in their world as they meditate and introspect to reach a higher-order existence.

To enter Siddhashram there are five mandatory criteria that you will have to pass:

  1. The person should have their Kundalini up to ‘Sahastrar’
  2. The person should be well versed with two Mahavidyas and should have basic insight about the eight Mahavidyas.
  3. The person should have enough knowledge about the ideas of Mantra and Tantra.
  4. The person should have strong Indian values and be noble in every way.
  5. The person should also be a follower of a guru who had entered the Siddhashram.

For an ordinary person to enter this ashram is beyond impossible, however, many yogic owing to their intense efforts have reached this place. Even people with highly materialistic ideologies have entered into this realm for a few hours.



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