Satsang by spiritual Guru Mooji Baba at the Swami Swatantranand Ashram in Rishikesh

Satsang by spiritual Guru Mooji Baba at the Swami Swatantranand Ashram in Rishikesh

Rishikesh, an ancient holy town in India that is renowned around the Globe for its yoga training centres. There are many holy shrines and the ashrams around Rishikesh. Popular ashram in Rishikesh is Swami Swatantranand Ashram where Baba Mooji conducts the Satsangs. If you want to attend the Satsang then plan a visit to this pious place where one strives for self-realization with the teachings of baba.

This pious place is located near to the holy river Ganga. The serene atmosphere inside the ashram promotes one towards the mediation and self-realization. Here they don’t provide the homestay at the ashrama. The prior booking at the ashram is not available. So it advisable to book a room near to the ashrams as it will be easy to attend the Satsang.

How to reach Swami Swatantranand Ashram?

The nearest airport to this Jolly Grant Airport, whereas the nearest railways are Rishikesh railways. Along with this it as good bus services with all the major cities. After reaching Rishikesh one as to take local transport to reach the Swami Swatantranand Ashram. This place is quite popular in Rishikesh for it four weeks Satsangs by the Baba Mooji.

From Ramjhula Suspension Bridge -located at Walkable distance 500 meters along the down streams of the Ganges.

From Laxmanjhula Suspension Bridge 1 and a Half km far, at walkable distance along the bank of the Ganges or one can take Tuktuk from Tapovan Saray up to Ramjhula Parking and just get down there from the Tuktuk and jus besides Omkarananda Ashram take downstairs and 10 minutes walk with the flow, down streams along the Ganges to reach the Ashram.

Mooji Open Satsang Rishikesh
Mooji Open Satsang Rishikesh

What are Satsangs by Mooji?

In simple words, it is the gathering of the people who seek self-realization through the guidelines of the Guru. Generally in Satsangs Guru (Teacher) read and explain the holy scripts or listening to the devotional music and promotes one towards self-realization through meditation. Besides this, it is an interactive section where one can ask any spiritual doubts towards self-discovery to the Guru he will answer every question with the wisdom he possesses.

It is very important that only people who really striving for self-realization alone should attend. It is not just a normal social gather it is spiritual gather where one interacts with others who as similar seeking towards spirituality. Anyone wants to gain some spiritual knowledge can attend this event. It is not recommended for the atheists who are just curious about the event.

About Mooji Baba

The real name of the Mooji Baba is Tony Moo-Young he was born in Jamaica. He was raised by his uncle as his father died at a young age. He started his career as a street artist and later became an art teacher. Once he visited India and met Papaji during the Satsang and from that year he started regularly attending Satsang conducted by the Papaji. In the year 1999, he became a spiritual guru with a group of followers.

He is lives in Portugal, baba conducts Satsang in the UK and Portugal. He runs an ashram by name Monte Sahaja which covers an area of 30hectares. Baba invites people around the world who are curious to know about the true self through the teachings of the Advaita Vedanta.

Tips to follow to attend open Satsang at Swami Swatantranand Ashram

  • It is not a general social gathering it is a spiritual interactive section to know about the true self, therefore attendees should maintain silence inside the hall.
  • India is a country that bound with the culture where dressing plays an important role. The dress should be in Indian attire. If not make sure the dress is not tight or revealing.
  • Taking photos and videos is restricted inside the ashram. If you want to see the recap of the Satsang. One can find it on the Mooji baba TV and website which was kept by ashram authorities.
  • Attendees must turn off their Cellphones as it distributes the serene environment of the ashram during Satsang.
  • One should not carry large size bags and glass bottles. They have to place it in the lockers provided near the entrance of the ashrama.
  • Apart from these roaming alone during the night is not advisable especially for women who are attending Satsang.
  • Satsang is not a therapy for any kind of disease so if your suffering from any kind of illness it is advisable to take proper precaution while attending Satsang.

 How to participate in open Satsang at Swami Swatantranand Ashram?

  • There are two ways to Participate in the open Satsang, One is physical presence whereas the other one is virtual via Mooji TV on the internet.
  • If you are planning to participate in the open Satsang at Swami Swatantranand Ashram then you have to arrange your own accommodation and food.
  • There won’t be any prior seat reservations to anyone. All, as to reach the venue by time whereas seating arrangements, is down via lottery system.
  • There won’t be an entrance fee as the open Satsang is free to all.


If your a self-realization seeker than visit the Swami Swatantranand Ashram where Mooji baba organizes free Satsang for all the true self-seekers.



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