Mayapuri Temple - An Ancient Shakti Peetha Temples in Haridwar

Mayapuri Temple – An Ancient Shakti Peetha Temples in Haridwar

Haridwar, Mayapuri Temple one of the Shakti Peethas of 53 Shakti Peethas where Sati Devi navel and heart fell. The name itself implies doorway/gateway towards god’s abode. This is one of the ancient cities in India. Described in many Hindu Puranas and spiritual books, yearly millions of pilgrims visit this holy place Haridwar. Pilgrims take a dip in the holy river Ganga to absolve their sins. Haridwar is famous for Kumbha Mela which takes place once every 12 years at the Har ki Pauri.

It is the entrance to the Deva Bhoomi and the most sacred pilgrimage Chardham Yatra to Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and the Yamunotri. Haridwar is the only place where Holy river which sanctifies devotee first touch the plane from the Himalayan mountains. Therefore, here one can see a clear and clean Ganga water amid the beautiful forest and greenery. Haridwar has many temples. One of the oldest and divine temples in India is the Mayapuri Temple. The temple dedicated to Goddess Sati Devi is one of the Siddha Peeta temples.

Haridwar is known by many names. Mayapuri, Mokasha Puri, Ganagadwar, and Kapila are some of the other names. Since Mayapuri temple is located in the Har ki Pauri from here, you will get plenty of autos or buses to the temple. The nearest railway station to the temple is the Haridwar railway station and the nearest airport is Dehradun airport.

History of Mayapuri Temple

The main deity in the temple is Maya Devi, a form of Goddess Shakti. She is the form of Sati Devi. Hence the ancient name for Haridwar is Mayapuri.

Sati Devi once attended the Yajna performed by her father Daksha Prajapathi. He did not invite Lord Shiva. Therefore, she had to face insult which made her furious and sad for not listening to her husband and came here. She decides to decimate her material body. With the Yoga Agni, she burns her body and leaves to her abode. Lord Shiva was grief-stricken due to the loss of his wife. Therefore to stop this Lord Vishnu with his weapon cut Goddess Sathi Devi’s body into pieces. In this Mayapuri temple, Sati Devi’s heart and navel fell.

Places to visit near Mayapuri Temple

Mansha Devi Temple Haridwar
Mansha Devi Temple Haridwar

Mansa Devi temple

Mansa Devi temple is another famous temple in Haridwar. The main deity in the temple is Mansa Devi, a form of Shakti who came from the mind of Lord Shiva. Therefore she is called Mansa Devi. She is popularly known as a wish-fulfilling goddess.

Chandi Devi Temple

A popular temple in Haridwar is one of the Siddha Peethas in Haridwar. You can reach this temple through the rope-way which gives you a beautiful view through the way or you can trek till the top of the Neela Parvat. This trek gives a beautiful experience.


When you visit the entrance to the Deva Bhoomi Haridwar make sure you visit this sacred temple Mayapuri and get the blessings of Maya Devi along with your family.


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