Mana Last Village of India – Now Turns as Alpine Herbal Park of India

  • Mana Last Village of India is a high-altitude herbal park & India’s first alpine herbal park at Sri Badrinarayan Temple in Uttarakhand.  The herbal park grows the Badri Tulsi that holds religious & medicinal importance, associated with Sri Vishnu Ji.
  • The park lies at an elevation of  11,000 feet from sea level near Sri Badrinath temple in Mana village that is best known as the last village of India. Mana Last Village of India is close to the Indo-China border in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district.
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Mana village in Uttarakhand

  • The first part of the park contains some plants species associated with Sri Badrinath (Lord Vishnu), namely  Badri Tulsi, Badri Ber, Badri Tree, and the sacred tree of Bhojpatra.
  • Badri Tulsi, which is scientifically named Origanum Vulgare, is found only in this part of the Himalayas and holds an religious significant ritual associated with Lord Badrinath.
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Mana Village – Purpose of the Park

The purpose of the Mana village herbal park is to protect & conserve important alpine herbal plant species which are significantly important medicinally and culturally, and, also doing research on their propagation and habitat ecology.

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The Herbal Park

  • The park has been created on three acres area and the three acres land was given to Mana Van Panchayat by the Uttarakhand Forest Department.
  • The herbal park holds around 40 species of high-altitude herbal plants that are specifically found in high-altitude alpine highlands in the Indian Himalayas.
  • Most of these species of plants are endangered, the park is divided into four sections, and tourists are allowed to visit the park during their pilgrimage to Sri Badrinath Temple.
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