Kunjapuri mountain sunrise trek

If you are traveling to Rishikesh and looking for a day escape from the routine tourism activity to find solace in nature nearby Rishikesh or some kind of day adventure with full of excitement and peace-keeping activities in order to make your weekend soulful in the Himalaya? then you need to think only of day trekking in Rishikesh, that is the Kunjapuri Temple Sunrise Trek, only this trek can give you full satisfaction and ever-lasting excitement that you can take away as an unforgettable memory with you.

neer waterfalls in rishikesh
Neer Waterfalls Rishikesh

Kunajpuri temple has perched an elevation of 1645 meters from the sea level, at a distance of 28 km from Rishikesh by surface & this short journey of 1 hour takes you through curvy Himalayan typical road via the Narendra Nagar Tahsil, which is a part of the Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand state.

villge trek in rishikesh
barkot village while trekking back to Rishikesh from Kunjapuri

Kunajpuri is a temple, dedicated to the Goddess Kunja, considered to be a Shaktipeeth of the Uttarakhand Himalaya, where local residents often go for the ephemeral ritual & also do the sacrifice of the animal to appease the presiding goddess of the temple Kunja. The temple is located on the mountaintop, from where you can have a distance view of snow-kissed Himalayan chains of the Mountains. The sunrise of the temple makes it a unique & ever-lasting attraction among foreign visitors. The terrace of the temple globally famous for the mountain sunrise viewing, yoga & mediation because the structure of the temple provides a very spacious & large platform where generally can accommodate about 50 participants of yoga practitioner to do the spiritual- awakening activity while rising sun in the deep mountains and that very moment brings different shades o from the first lights of rising sun which transforming into you a feeling of a very deep sense of association with nature and offers an absolute mindful moment to enhance the insight of the natural way of living also surrounds a great moment to practice Yoga & Meditation.

Kujapuri Temple
A distance view of Kunjapuri Templ

Sunrise trek commences after absorbing & soaking first sunlight which coming into you, through the Himalayas, after a short session of Yoga, you need to bind up your stuff and have some snacks up there at local bars which are located inside & outside of the premises of the temple, enjoy the morning glory of the mountain and sunlight with nature together, then trekking routes ( 15 km) take you apart slowly from the windy morning, take you slowly down towards Rishikesh, passing through Himalayan villages, bushes, cowsheds, natural Himalayan water streams & the biggest waterfalls of Rishikesh locally called as Neer Waterfalls or Neer Gaddu Waterfalls, where you could take a break to accelerate your energy by taking shower & swimming in the waterfalls, after that, you keep trekking downhill till the parking lot of Neer Waterfall trek, from where you have to drive 5 km back to Rishikesh or you can reach Rishikesh by walks as well.

Some Facts of the sunrise trek

 A Himalyana woman is cooking breakfast
Cooking breakfast

More than 360 steps to reach on the top of the temple to enjoy the glorious morning mountain sunrise in the Himalaya nearby Rishikesh.

Trek 15 km back to Rishikesh & experience the local lifestyle & culture with a breathtaking Kunajpuri Sunrise view.

Get a panoramic view of some popular chains of Himalaya and an attractive distance deep view of the Ganges River.

The biggest waterfalls provide you enough space to swim to enjoy the fresh & clean Himalayan waters.

360 a sweeping view of the Himalaya only can be observed from the temple of Kunajapuri nearby Rishikesh