Kalpeshwar Temple Uttarakhand- A concealed sacred temple in the Himalayas

Kalpeshwar Temple Uttarakhand- A concealed sacred temple in the Himalayas

The divine Dhams Badrinath and Kedarnath yearly visited by lakhs of devotees. Pilgrims come here to visit the abode of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva to absolve their sins. The importance of this holy shrines is described in the many Hindu Puranas and India epic Mahabharata. However, many pilgrims may not be knowing that the Kedarnath temple is one among the five Kedra temples. They are popularly known as Pancha Kedra. The name of the other Kedara temples is Tungnath, Rudranath, Madhyamaheswar, and Kalpeshwar.

Kalpeshwar shrine is not much visited by the pilgrims as many are unaware of the temple. Since it is located in amidst of forest-covered fully by lush greenery. Whereas the waterfall which is located 100 m from the temple and the river that flows nearby gives a breathtaking view. Apart from this, it has an amazing view of the Himalaya peaks like Nanda Devi, Panchchuli, Kedarnath. Moreover, one must trek to reach this temple as it is located in a remote location where road access is not available.

How to reach this place? the nearest airport is the Jolly Grant Airport whereas the nearest railways are Rishikesh. However, one can take a taxi or bus based on the comfort and budget of the individual to reach Urgam village. This village is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand which as a good bus service. That is connected with all the major cities and towns in Uttarakhand. From the Urgam village one as to trek 2 km to reach the Kalpeshwar temple. This village offers visitors an amazing scenic beauty, the serenity of the place make trekkers and the pilgrims mind clam.

Madhyamaheshwar Temple
Madhyamaheshwar Temple

Legends of Kalpeshwar Temple Uttarakhand

The legends of the temple date back to Dwapar Yuga. After the destructive war Kurukshetra, Krishan advises Pandavas to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva to absolve the sin of killing the Kith and kin. Based on the advice they go in search of Lord Shiva. Lord doesn’t want to bless Pandavas so easily without a test. So he takes the form of a buffalo and roams around the place. Bhima tries to hold the buffalo by catching the hind legs and tail, whereas the buffalo disappears from the sight. Later appear in five different places whereas the hump appears in Kedarnath, Arms in the Tungnath temple, face in the Rudranath, stomach region and navel in Madhyamaheswar and Jata matt locks in the Kalpeshwar.

Another legend is the Son of Arti and Anasuya who believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Durvasa Mahrishi used to pray under the Kalpavriksha tree meaning a wish fulling tree. Near to this temple, one can see the tree. Locals believe that whoever goes and prays in the temple their wish will be fulfilled.

Trekking to Kalpeshwar Temple

The enthralling beauty of the place throughout trekking makes trekkers and pilgrims awestruck. The trek starts from the Urgam village the valley near the village displays the life of Garwhal people during a 1.5 km trek to the remote unexplored temple. If you are into meditation then you can meditate here as this place offers such a peaceful and serene atmosphere. If your travelling in the private vehicle you can reach this place via road in that way you can save 300 m of trekking. Whereas if your travelling bus needs to get down near the village from there you need to hire a jeep to reach this place.

Tips to follow during trekking

  • This temple is open throughout the year one can plan a trip anytime in the year.
  • If you planning to visit this place in the monsoon time. It is mandatory to inquire about the weather condition from the local authorities or your tour guide.
  • Taking photos here is restricted inside the holy shrine. So it is mandatory to maintain the temple sanctity.
  • You have to reach this place via trekking 1.5 km to 1 km it is advisable to wear a decent and comfortable dress to trek.

Places to visit near Kalpeshwar Temple Uttarakhand

Yog Dhyan Badri Temple

The special attraction of this temple is Lord Vishnu in the meditative pose in the form of bronze idol. This idol was installed by King Pandu. Other idols in the temple are Udhava and Kuberas. This is one of the Sapata Badri’s on the auspicious day of doors open in Badrinath after winter. Whereas here the idols of Lord Vishnu and Udhava bring back from the Narsigh temple. During the winter Udhava idol is worshipped here.

Buda Kedar

This holy shrine as the largest shiva linga in the entire state. The legends of the temple are that when Pandavas were in search of Lord Shiva a sage tells them there is an old man meditation near the confluence of two rivers Bal Ganga and Dharam Ganga. When they reach the spot Lord disappears immediately by leaving Linga in his place. The sage instructs them to embrace the lingam to absolve their sins. Buda Kedar village locates in the Tehri Garhwal district in Uttarakhand.

Rudranath Panch Kedar Temple
Rudranath Panch Kedar Temple


Trek to this temple is a bit difficult when compared to the other Puncha Kedra temples. But it is worth visiting the holy place the trek to this temple offers the beautiful sight of diverse nature and the view of magnificent Nanda Devi and Trishul Mountain peak from here.


Kalpeshwar Temple Uttarakhand is one of the sacred Pancha Kedra temples. Visit this holy shrine and get the blessing of Lord Shiva and fulfil your wishes by paying a visit.

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