Kalishila Trek An unknown place

Kalishila Trek An Unknown Place

Kalishila trek located in Uttarakhand is amongst the 52 Shakti Peeth of Sati Goddess. Although it is considered one of the holiest places for Hindus. It still remains as one of the unknown treks. Apart from all the popular places checkout Kalishila trek and you will be amazed by its surreal beauty.


There are many stories attached to this temple. Kalishila name originated as Kali is a form of having high energy. The word ‘Shila’ means stone. This word has a great impact. There are no idols situated in this temple, instead, there is a huge rock which has crystal emerging out of it. The history of the rock is that when Goddess Kali was fiery upon the Raktabeej Lord Shiva appeared and laid down before Kali to calm her. As she stepped on Lord Shiva her anger went down and she went under the Earth in peace. This point is known as the Sri Yantra which makes it a popular spot. Also, this has been a place for many ancient saints for performing their rituals and ceremonies making it an important place.

Kalishila Trek An unknown place
Kalishila Trek An unknown place


Kalisha is not difficult to reach. The roads are not narrow and not too steep so it is easy to access. For trekking, the starting point is Ukhimath which is 20 km away from Kalishila. From there you have to follow the roads till Ranwleg. Here the roads get a little steep.  But the distance is only 4 km making it accessible. You have to move uphill through the roads to reach the summit where Kalishila temple is situated. The trek is moderate and gradually gets difficult towards the end.


Kalishila can be easily reached by well motorable roads.  There is a well intricate network of roads which lead you directly to the temple. The nearest railway station is Rishikesh and the nearest airport is Jolly Grant airport of Dehradun. You can also hire private cabs, taxis. Government-owned buses are also available. However, there are no direct buses for Kalishila but you can travel up to Ukhimath till bus.


1)TREKKING:- It is a great place to trek for beginners. The roads are well built with good access to the temple. There are no sudden elevations with ridges. The trekking part is not much but gradually rises towards the end, this adds a little thrill to the overall trek. It gets steep but is not difficult to overcome.

2)EXPLORE LOCAL HISTORY:-The nearby villages are Sari and Ukhimath. They themselves have a lot of tourist spots like Mandakini river and Omkar Ratneshwar Mahadev temple. The village is rich in local history. The people are warm and welcoming . for historians this place is full of local culture and traditions.

3)SIGHTSEEING:-Although there is not much sightseeing yet while traveling you come across the routes to Kedarnath and Chandrashila. The trek has little rocky terrains. Once you reach the top it is mesmerizing watching yourself surrounded by the green dense forests and hills all around.

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