Kailash Cave – A Journey with Shiva in the Himalaya

There is something so enchanting and calming about these beautiful places. The Kailash Cave is one such lovely little mediation station, located in Rishikesh. Just read below to learn more about its beauty and what you can do here to make your trip more memorable & insightful.

Village Walks

Loyal Village  & Lodshi Village has a natural setting located in right into the wilderness. Surrounded by trees and lofty Himalayan Mountains.   This place was once the home for the spiritual seekers when they were on their way to seek gods inside through deep & long meditation, they discovered a cave now known as Kailash Cave.  The beauty of this place lies in the tranquillity and silence that it commands. Located in the remote areas of Rishikesh. It is the perfect place to get away from the hustle-bustle of city life and spend a little time in the laps of nature

Local Mythology  Belongs to the Cave

Locals believe that Shiva himself dug out this cave to conduct secret meetings. Other legends say that from this place, where Shiva set out for Kailash Mansarovar and thus, the place is often called Kailash.

Maybe it is the remnants of the divine discussions between the god Shiva & goddess Parvati that used to take place in the living cave or maybe it is just the spiritual presence of Shiva himself. It is lovely to imagine where Shiva must have been during the divine discussion with his wife Parvati.

Kailash Cave – A Journey with Shiva in the Himalaya

Shiva Temple with a big Lingam 

There are some beautiful deities statues some carved in marble sculptures and other big shrine dedicated to Shiva where a big Lingam stalled inside brought up here from the Narmada River from Madhya Pradesh that is kept in the main temple. You can offer flowers, waters or just pay your homage to Shiva here.

There was an unnamed great saint who turned a lot of people’s lives around the cave. People go to this cave as a devotee and come out as great saints. Thus, to even just stand outside his doorstep is a great blessing. Yet, to experience his divinity fully, you must come here in Kailash Cave to explore Kailash cave.

Loyal Village Rishikesh
Loyal Village Rishikesh

Accommodation & Facilities

The accommodation mainly consists of two sets of room, and each of them has beds and rugs. There is also a small rooftop for Yoga and Meditation, which you must try at least once. It is a surreal feeling to indulge in some mindful meditation especially when you are in an environment that fosters it.

How to Reach to the Kailash Cave 

By Road – Kailash cave is about 40 km by road from holy town Rishikesh and 15 km from the holy Vashist’s cave. If you are coming from Rishikesh, then you have to take Badrinath Highway,  passing tow famous rafting points such as Bramhapuri, Shivpuri and a cave Vashist cave and then immediately after from the Vashist’cave Bridge, the left road takes you directly to the Kailash cave passing these two famous villages Lodshi & Loyal.


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