Hanuman Chatti A Journey Along Yamuna River

Hanuman Chatti: A Journey Along Yamuna River

Some places have the power to captivate you and make you fall in love with them the moment you reach there. Hanuman Chatti, in Uttarakhand, is one such place. Filled with stunning visuals, and situated at the heart of nature, this place is a hidden gem. Read below to go on a journey with me through this mystical place.

The state of Uttarakhand places brimming with holy spots, sacred rivers and the mountains that look ethereal. This state has some of the holiest places and you will usually find it crowded with pilgrims and devotees. Uttarakhand is also filled with picturesque locales and breathtaking natural avenues all of which makes this state heavenly. Whether you come here for trekking, or relaxation or to visit a sacred abode, Uttarakhand never disappoints.

I have travelled to Uttarakhand extensively, and of late I wanted to visit something a little more off the radar. I wanted to engulf myself into the serene locales and rest in the laps of nature. My search for such a place in Uttarakhand led me to Hanuman Chatti.

After a little more research I realised this is the perfect place for me to visit and take a little break from the mundane life.


Hanuman Chatti is strategically located on the way to Yamunotri and you can easily visit it during your Chota Chardham Yatra. I had decided to just visit Hanuman Chatti, and explore the other places during my stay there.

The beauty of Hanuman Chatti lies in its location. It is situated right in the middle of the union of Hanuman Ganga and Yamuna River. This makes the place even more pious and alluring. It is about 13 km from Yamunotri Dham and is perched at an elevation of 2400 m above sea level.

 A Little Folk Lore

It is quite easy to realise that Hanuman Chatti has something to do with Lord Hanuman. Legends say that Hanuman Chatti was once the house of Lord Hanuman. He used to stay here in disguise of a monkey. As per the legend, one says Lord Hanuman saw Lord Bheem walking through this region when an old monkey’s tale blocked Lord Bheem’s path.

Lord Bheem urged the monkey to remove his tale so that he could cross, however, the money refused. Lord Bheem then decided to take the tale and remove it himself, however, even after considerable efforts the tale didn’t move an inch. He then realised that this was no ordinary monkey, and he folded his hands in respect. He urged the monkey to show his real self, and then Lord Hanuman appeared. Lord Bheem was filled with awe and bowed his head in respect. Since then, the place was named Hanuman Chatti, to mark it as the abode of Lord Hanuman

My Journey to Yamunotri

To reach Hanuman Chatti, you will have to follow the same route as Yamunotri. Hanuman Chatti comes just before Janki Chatti, which is about 8.5 km from there.

When I first reached here, I was awed by the scenic beauty that surrounded me. It was untouched and away from the maddening crowd. It was like a whole another world here. It is quite a welcome change to dive into the realms of nature from the world of the concrete jungle.

Everywhere I looked I found large rolling meadows, trees that danced with the symphony of the fresh air, and sweet fragrance emanating from the lovely colourful flowers that marked my way. There were little huts made by the locals, and the mesmerising rivulet flowed right beside them.

I reached Hanuman Chatti in the afternoon and quickly found myself a decent accommodation. If you are travelling in the peak season, then it is recommended that you pre-book your accommodation before coming here.

There are many cosy and comfortable accommodations available and Hanuman Chatti.

Riverside Bird Watching

My trip to Hanuman Chatti was purely based on relaxation and spending an idyllic vacation. After settling down into the hotel, I decided to visit the holy confluence of the two rivers and spend some time there.

The riverside is flanked by hilly mountains on one side and tall green grass on the other. I found a beautiful shade on the banks of the river and sat there observing the gushing waters of the river. It is so enchanting to watch the holy merger of these two sacred rivers, as they create something so powerful and wonderful.

After introspecting a little and taking in all the natural elements possible, I focused my glance on the many birds that flew right above me. It is quite calming to watch this little birds flutter away. As the night starts to fall, the sky gets scattered with these rare and exotic mountain birds, who flock together to go home. It is quite a sight to behold, as these birds fly through the golden sky. It is a dream come true of bird watchers, and a sight to witness for nature lovers.

Taking Leisure Walks

The little hamlet of Hanuman Chatti is also filled with nature trails and leisure walks, that will take you through the realms of nature. You will find yourself in dense forests, and open fields while on these walks. These walks are a great way to explore Hanuman Chatti and feel the essence of this place.

The next day, I spoke up early and headed out for one such walk. The sun was just rising, and gradually the entire place as filled with a sombre yet radiating light from the sun. I passed through little streams trickling past the hilly terrain, and trees that blocked the sun. I found large meadows and valleys of flowers. The walk was quite rejuvenating and enchanting and is a must-do activity in Hanuman Chatti.

Trekking Around 

Hanuman Chatti is also visited by a lot of trekkers who make this a base town to trek to other regions.

While I didn’t venture out to trek this time, the treks are quite captivating and enchanting.

Dodhi Tal
                                                               Dodhi Tal

Darwa Top and Dodhi Tal

You can trek to Darwa Top and Dodhi Tal, both of which command surreal beauty. The treks will also take yours through different terrains and hilly paths. These treks are quite scenic and you will be able to witness the grandeur of nature. The treks are both peaceful and thrilling, and you will surely have a memorable experience.

Most of the people that I met with, were either trekking to the Yamunotri Dham or the wild place of Dodhi Tal or the captivating place of Darwa Top.

If you do have the luxury of time, then you must also embark on these refreshing treks and make your trip all the more memorable.

The Hanuman Temple

The other reason why Hanuman Chatti is so famous is for the ancient Hanuman Temple that is located here.

I decided to visit this temple before the night falls, so right after a delicious breakfast, I left to witness the Hanuman Temple.

This temple is located amid nature. It is isolated in the middle of the wilderness and located in the middle of nowhere. I had to go through a dense forest to finally see this temple. It is hidden behind tall trees and bushes, making it quite difficult to locate.

I brushed past the trees and bushes, and finally found myself in front of the little saffron coloured temple, with a small flag fluttering at the top. The Hanuman Temple is quite humble, and yet it has a magnetic charm. I felt as I was being pulled by some external force.

The temple also looks quite majestic, as it is surrounded by tall green trees and the Himalayas make for an amusing background.

There were few pilgrims when I came here, all of whom were on their way to Yamunotri. I paid my respect to Lord Hanuman and made my way back to my abode.

Hanuman Chatti is a wondrous place filled with areas that will make you fall in love with nature. It is a place for the romantics and the poets. My time at Hanuman Chatti came to an end, however, its memories will always remain etched in my mind.


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