Ghangariya to Hemkud Sahib and valley of flower trek route

Hemkud Sahib and Valley of Flower

If you love the Himalayas than you must love to visit Ghangariya to Hemkud Sahib and Valley of Flower Trek route.   the desolate beauty of the Himalaya calling you back again and again. In the course of time, my visit to the Himalaya has developed an immense love for the Rishikesh. There is always something insightful three in the mountains you take away.

The Valley of flower voyage stretches in the Chamoli district, in the Garhwal region of the Uttrakhand state of India. It is an approachable and good-natured trek for non-professional trekkers and en-route a carpet of natural colors- red, lavender, white, yellow and many more. During the monsoon season, in the month of July August and September, about 80 kinds of flowers grow. On the same trek, perched the holiest Sikh Gurudwara, known as Hemkund Sahib. In the arch of time, It gained very popular shrine among the Sikh.

Here is gradual guidance of the trek route for the Valley of Flowers trek and the Sikh Gurudwara, s from the Govindghat step by step.

Trek from Govindghat to Ghangaria – Overnight in the established camp or in the Dhabas

Gobindghat is located on the Badrinath Highway and it is the only beginning point of the valley of flower trek and trekking course distance is 10 km. From Govindghat, you can get a seat in the taxis on sharing basis for only 3 km and then you have to trek till the Ghangariya

There are also available pony service as well for those who get difficulty in the mountain to walk. The trekking course about 7 km runs along the rivers Zanskar and it throws a nature-filled view. The views that hooked you energized all the way to Shri Hemkund Sahib Shrine.

Tip:  begin early morning from Govindghat to be in Ghangaria before getting dark.  If you have some luggage than you can use ponies service to carry your items which might get some and en-route you find some Dhabas to have rest and something to eat and drink.

From Ghangaria to Valley of Flowers and trek back to Ghangaria – Overnight 

After reaching Ghangariya by trek, you need to make an overnight there, in order to acclimatize the high altitude climate and weather, enjoy the serene moments in the Himalayan. Valley of Flowers is nearly 4 km from Ghangaria. The trekking route is very narrow and runs through densely forested trails in ascending orders. Once reaching there it seems to you a paradise with the blue deep sky, lilies flowers stretching out in valley widely that never let you forget. Descending waterways and small waterfalls on the way drifting through the valley.

Trek from Ghangaria to Sri Hemkund Sahib
Hemkund Sahib

Trek from Ghangaria to Sri Hemkund Sahib

Shri Hemkund Sahib is placed at an elevation of circa 4,633 m. The Gurudwara has a very deep-rooted significance for the Sikh people and known for the highest altitude Sikh shrine in the world. The location of Gurudwara is 6 km from Ghagariya and it has an ascending route. Once you get closer to the Gurdwara, you find there outside of the shrine a hot water spring where you take bath. In the neighborhood of Gurudwara grows a wide range of the wildflower, among them, there is a flower, named as Bramhakamal. You receive very warm hospitality, offering food, etc.

Point: The Shrine entrance shuts down at 2 PM, therefore it is a recommendation to begin the trek early, hence there are 6 km steep climbing is a bit difficult. If you are fortunate enough then you do not get any experience rainfalls but drizzling intermittently and the cloudy sky is expected

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