Dudhatoli Trek Uttarakhand


Dudhatoli Trek Uttarakhand a popular mountain range for trekking is located in Thalisan Town in Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. Perched at an elevation of 2900- 3000 meters above sea level the area it covers is known as Dudhatoli Danda. The gentle slopes, a vast expanse of meadows along with entire area covered by peaks make it a moderate trek. The highest peak of Dudhatoli is even higher than that of Nag Tibba. This untouched bounty has seamless beauty waiting for you to explore.

dudha toli trek
Dudhatoli Trek in Uttarakhand


Dudhatoli is covered by all sides including Chamoli district in the north, Pauri Garhwal in the west and Milchori in the southeast. However, trekking cannot start in any direction as there is a particular route which has to be followed. The trek usually starts from Thalisan in Pauri Garhwal. From there you have to trek your way uphill and downhill through the intricate networks of riparian zones. The route is not so steep but elevates suddenly. Also, the broad-leafed trees and dense forests make the pathway very confusing. Following downhill from Peethsain, you finally reach to Dudhatoli. This entire trek is of 24-27 km. There is a shorter trek route too from Gairsan but the roads are very steep. Expert trekkers can follow this pathway and finally reach Dudhatoli by trekking 10-12 km.


Dudhatoli is majorly popular for its unparalleled vicinity of mountain peaks and forests. The forests have coniferous trees, Pine, Maple, Chestnut, Alder, Hazel, Alpines and many other broad-leafed forests. Many plants with medicinal value are found here. Fruits like wild berries, strawberry, gooseberry, blackcurrant are found in abundance. These are few to name. it is a great place to explore nature’s beauty amidst the hills. Apart from adjoining with its surrounding hills, it is also a source of water for many rivers and water streams. Nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts who like to explore the evergreen beauty of nature can visit here. Numerous rare species of flora and fauna are found here. It is also a great option for trekking, the place has unbound beauty with gentle slopes which gradually rise and fall making it adventurous.

trek to dudha toli
Trek to Dudhatoli


The best time to visit Dudhatoli is during summers. During winters and monsoon, it receives heavy rainfall and snowfall making the trek troublesome. The temperature is always moderate here so you will see now even during summers. So people usually visit here in the month of March and April. The days are long so there won’t be any confusion of losing your way in the forests. You can also start from Rishikesh.

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