Divine Triangle in Uttarakhand

In Uttarakhand, there is a divine triangle, namely Chandrabadni Temple, Surkanda Temple & Kunjapuri Temple these divine triangle is considered to be very sacred in Uttarakhand State, and Kunjapuri Temple is very famous for the morning sunrise trek among the visitors.

Kunjapuri Temple is one of the Shaktipith in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand, is situated 28 km far from Rishikesh, The temple of Kunjapuri, at height of 1,665 meters above sea level.

How to reach there

Kunjapuri Temple is located 13 km away from Narender Nagar. Narendra Nagar has its own history. This place came into light in the year 1903 when Raj Narendra Shah of  Tehri province had decided to make its capital.  Before the Narendra Nagar,  Pratap  Nagar was the capital of Tehri province.

Surface Route

This temple is located on the Highway No.94, which starts from Rishikesh, which passes through New Tehri. From Rishikesh there is bus service for new Tehri and taxicab services are also available.

Nearest Railway Station

The easiest way to reach Tehri is through the Rishikesh. The nearest railway station to Rishikesh is Haridwar railway station which is 27 km from here. Is located on the far side.

Nearest Airport

The nearest airport to Kunjapuri temple is Joulegrant which is located at Dehradun, which is 43 km away. Is located on the far side.

Religious importance

According to the legend, the daughter of Raja Daksh was married to Lord Shiva. All deities were called for celebrating the victory over the demons, but Lord Shiva was not invited. After feeling humiliated Sati because of her husband not invited, Sati sacrificed her life in the same fire. After that Lord Shiva took Sati’s body out of that Yjana and spent many years roaming throughout the sky and some parts of the body of Sati fell on the earth and since then considered to be Shaktipith or Siddhpith.

For example, the temple of Naina Devi, where her eyes fell, the Jwalpa Devi Temple is located, where her tongue fell, the Surakanda Devi Temple was situated, where her neck fell and Chandbadini Devi Temple It is also located at the place where the lower part of his body fell, the Kunjapuri Temple is located in the same place where his upper part of body fell.

Temple Structure

There is a large size marble slab to the entrance of the temple, on the marble slab, there is an inscription that temple has been presented by the 197th Field Regiment (Kargil). To reach this temple, you have to climb 308 steps. The special thing about this temple is that there is no idol of any kind inside. There is a Pindi inside the temple, where worship is done. The temple was renovated between 01 October 1979 and 25 February 1980.

Prayer Time

In the temple premises, the holy statue of Mahadev Shiva, Rakshak Bhairav, Narasimha Bhagwan, Nagraj etc. The temple prayer takes place in the morning at 6:30 and in the evening happens around Aarti 5 to 6:30.