Devaritayal located in Rudraprayag, Garhwal region of Uttarakhand is an emerald lake. Its other popular name is Deoria Tal lake. It is widely popular for the scenic beauty, with which it blesses the tourists. On a  clear day, one can observe the reflections of the Chaukhamba peaks on the crystal clear water making it seem miraculous. It is an easy trek for beginners with a height of 2438 meters above sea level.


The main beauty of this place is the translucent lake. It is famous for bird watching, trekking, camping and enjoying leisure time with friends, family, couples and even corporates. It gives an experience of a lifetime with the surroundings around and the reflections below. It gives the best of both worlds. Apart from the reflections of the Chaukhamba peaks, the lake is surrounded by greenery filled with dense forests. this soothing scenic beauty is a popular trek zone because it is easy and pleasant to access. The trek does not get much tiring.


The trek journey to Devaritayal is not very difficult and is very easy to follow. The trek starts from Sari village. Sari village is nearby Ukhimath passing via Mastura village. The distance from Ukhimath to Devaritayal is 7kms which is even less from Sari. Once at Sari people can start trekking towards Devaritayal. People mostly combine this trek along with trek to Tungnath and Chandrashila. there is a route from Devaritayal to Tungnath for trekking.


Devaritayal is popular for many things . it is the best combo fulfilling all the requirements of a basic trip. Some fun things to do at Devaritayal are:-

1)BIRD WATCHING:- the lake, the dense forests around and the secluded lake make it the best option for bird watching. It is a natural habitat for many species of birds. You can observe rare and unique birds. Many bird watchers visit this area to watch an enormous number of birds.

2)TREKKING:-The 2 km trek journey from Sari village is medium grade and not very difficult. This could be a fun experience for amateurs. Trekking through the roads amidst the meadow fields makes a fresh ambiance around. Devaritayal has another route which leads to Tungnath and Chnadrashila which is chosen as a trekking journey by many.

3) MEDITATION AND YOGA:-Although not famous as a yoga and meditation spot, this place is a perfect fit to do so. The nearby atmosphere gives peaceful vibes. Also, the isolate located with the trees, lakes, meadows, and birds makes it the best spot to practice yoga and meditation.

4) CAMPING:- Devaritayal is an ideal location for camping. Many corporate, couples, friends and family visit here. Camping around the lake which provides scenic beauty with the green forests around makes it a rewarding experience. Although camping was prohibited earlier due to public unhealthy hygiene, camping is again started as it is a popular tourist spot. Now littering around the lake is a punishable offense to protect the region.

 5) LOCAL CULTURE:-Sari is the starting point to reach to Devaritayal. Being a remote, local village people interested in history and local life can visit the village. The people are very welcoming and gentle. You can learn a lot about their local culture, customs and their way of living.


There are many nearby popular tourist spots. The first one and the most visited one is Tungnath and Chnadrashila. These are also popular peaks visited by many tourists. Other popular peaks followed by visitors for trekking are Bisuri Tal, Kedar range, Bnaderpunch, and Kallang peaks. There is also Chopta nearby which is known as Mini Switzerland of Uttarakhand. Since Devaritayal falls under Kedarnath Musk Deer sanctuary you can spot few animals and rare birds in this area. The Omkareshwar temple is also a popular tourist attraction.

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