Cliff Jumping Rishikesh: What to Expect from this Crazy Adventures?

Cliff Jumping Rishikesh is one of the most exciting activities and can be found only when going through a stretch of the River Ganges known as the Brahmpuri Stretch, which is located near Laxman Jhula. At this spot on the river, where your guides from Magical Rishikesh will stop, there happens to be a hill with a cliff off of it that you are able to jump off of into the water around five or ten times!

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Cliff Jumping- Rishikesh
Jumping- Rishikesh

Cliff Jumping in Rishikesh

Cliff Jumping in Rishikesh is truly an exhilarating experience for anyone who has yet to do so. A lot of people aren’t sure how many times they are ready to actually jump into the water before giving up on their endeavors, but it’s all about finding that spot where you call it quits and head back up top again!

Cliff Jumping at Rishikesh

There is a cliff located on the base of the rafting trip known as Brahmpuri Stretch which is about two kilometers before Laxman Jhula. At this point, the pontoon of the raft is parked along the riverside and members of each team are encouraged to jump into a flowing river from that dizzying height.

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Jumping From 20 Feet Hight
Jumping From 20 Feet Hight

Rishikesh Cliff Jumping Height

The Ganges River’s flow under the cliff is mild. The height of the jump is dependent on the water level, which changes gradually and varies through the day. On average it’s around 20 feet high, constantly changing and impressing visitors every year! You should expect to see 10 feet near the end of the season (June) in between the start and middle of the season (May).

is cliff jumping dangerous?

Collisions at high speeds are more likely to happen if you were jumping from a greater height than usual. So make sure you’re doing it with your friends and that they understand your limits. One should land around 25-30 feet above the water. Steeper cliffs make for more exciting jumps, but steeper cliffs belong in the hands of professional cliff jumpers, not novice jumpers.

  • 1 – It is important for a cliff jumper to evaluate his physical & mental strength before jumping.
  • 2- The adventure is not for children below 12 years of age group and hydrophobic people.
  • 3- Right Life-Saving Gears are an essential part of any river adventure. Life Jacket is a must.



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