Bhootnath Cave Rishikesh

Bhootnath Cave Rishikesh

Bhootnath Cave is located on the edge of Himalayan water stream about 2 km away in the north direction from the Bhootnath Temple, Rishikesh. It is a natural cave which is surrounded by the high tall trees and the mountains where some Hindu monks are living inside the man-made shelter. Outside of the Bhootnath cave has vast space for the meditation & yoga with the sounds of gurgling water stream & also there is an uncompleted temple of Shiva with Shivalinga & a little far going, on the edge of the gurgling water stream there is another Shivalinga under a giant Pipal tree.

This Bhootnath Cave can be reached there by uphill walk or by motorways from Rishikesh

Bhootnath Temple Rishikesh

Bhootnath Temple Rishikesh
Bhootnath Temple Rishikesh

There is a temple of Lord Shiva in Rishikesh in Pauri Garhwal District is famous for it’s a mythological description in the Shiv Puran. It was built by Sri Kailashananda Trust, Rishikesh.

The thirteen-story temple standing behind Parmarth Niketan is known as the temple of Bhoothnath Baba. It is believed that when Lord Shiva came out with a procession to marry Sati, then Sati’s father Daksh had stopped Shiva and his procession in this Bhootnath temple.

The Bhootnath temple itself is amazing. Its main courtyard is also amazing, where there are ten bells all around Shiva Linga and all the bells have its own distinct sound.

When you start ascending to the temple, you will see that every single floor depicts the gods and goddesses associated with Nandi, Hanuman and Lord Shiva.

In the end, crossing the several stairs and passing through the last floor, when you reach there, there is a small temple of Shiva where priests of the temple found sitting.

In the thirteenth floor, when you visit Lord Shiva, you can also see the procession of Shiva’s ghosts through pictures in this small temple.

Also, when you look at Rishikesh town from the top of the temple, you will enjoy this wonderful view. This Bhootnath temple of Lord Shiva is surrounded by Rajaji National Park by three sides.

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