ayurveda and wellness day tour in rishikesh

Ayurveda and Wellness Day Tour

Ayurveda and Wellness Day Tour Brings you a science of healing in collaboration with a native Himalayan Herbalist Mr. Mohan Singh, having a piece of deep knowledge of Ayurveda.

Attractions :

  • A Modern Perspective & Lectures on Ayurveda
  • Ayurvedic Cooking Class as per nature of the Body
  • Nature Healing Therepy Through Vedic Science Prospective
  • Vasisht Cave Mediation Retreat
  • INR 4900 per person

    Minimum 2 Person

Ayurveda and Wellness Day Tour


Ayurveda & Wellness Day Tour - Brings you a science of healing in collaboration with a native Himalayan Herbalist Mr. Mohan Singh, having a piece of deep knowledge of Ayurveda, was born and brought on the bank of the Ganges in the Shivalik range of the Himalayas. Mr. Mohan has left the city life and decided to live with nature in the quest for knowledge about various Himalayan plants. And, he created a medicinal garden "Durga Aushadheey Vatika" in the Jungle, just 15 minutes walk away from the bank of the Ganga, nearby the Himalayan natural water stream..

This tour is designed to alleviate your body, mind & soul, focusing on an Ayurvedic perspective on life, the Himalayan herbs, and their properties and uses of drugs are mentioned in Atharveda and Ayurveda (2500-600 B.C).

Knowledge of Ayurveda rolls out from India, determining other countries' ancient healing systems, counting Chinese medicine and ancient Greek medicine as well. Because of its effectiveness, Ayurveda is known as the "Mother of all healing."

Himalayan medicinal plants have been used as healers and health rejuvenators by rural folks and tribal communities in the lower range of the Himalayas in India. Hence, we are trying to find out the scope of the valuable herbs to be brought to light this ancient science of healing for you exactly as prescribed as in Vedic literature.

Detailed Itinerary

Ayurveda & Wellness Day Tour After Breakfast in the morning, we arrange a pick up for you from your given scheduled point and the driver will take you on a scenic road trip along The Ganges, in a private car to Durga Aushadheey Vatika, en-route visit an ancient cave, is called Vasisht Cave, then after, there are 15 minutes road drive, you reach the point, where Mr. Mohan Ji will greet you and take you up to his Vatika ( Botanical Garden) by walk, crossing the hanging iron-wired bridge on the Ganges, after having crossed the bridge, you enter in a small tiny village, after that, there is a bit steep and level out hiking of 15 minutes then you reach the destination, Durga Aushadheey Vatika.

In the Vatika, Mr, Mohan Ji takes you on a walk, explaining all plants in Vedic’s way,, for example, Punarnava, Vasaka, Giloy/Amrita, Bichchu Buti, Brahmi, Bhrangraaj, Podina and many more after that, you go to sit by the water body, where you learn a deep insight of the effect of the sound of water on our subtle life system through an interactive mediation session. Later you came back to learn how to make Ayurvedic tea and enjoy tea with lectures on Ayurveda and its significance in modern life.

The afternoon followed by an Ayurvedic Cooking session in Vedic style which is led by Mr. Rana Ji and you learn the holistic approach to cooking. After the meal, you have time for questions and answers. In the late afternoon, you drive back to Rishikesh in a private car. Tour End.

Pick Up point:- From Guest Location in the morning, Rishikesh
End Point:-To Guest Locations in the afternoon Rishikesh
Total Tour Duration:- 7 hr
Location Distance:- 25 km motor dirve from Rishikesh
Best Time to Visit:-Sept Mid to April Mid.
  • English Speaking Ayurveda Herbalist.
  • Private Transport with Driver
  • Aurvedic Lunch and Tea.

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