Women Tour Rishikesh

We also like to call them calming travel, journeys where we care: emotionally and spiritually..

Women are special, real journeys, often on the other side of the world, of women only detoxing people and situations. Travel for women of all ages who want to have different life experiences, Spirituality, meditations, mantras. Please visit once to Rishikesh in the lap of Himalaya, fun, and relaxation to create a magical synergy with us.

So, we promise to our tourist those who want to seek especially a Female Tourist Guide in Rishikesh and different types of travel and desires of travel. We have decided to offer Local Day Tour Activity with different addresses but all welcome from the female hemisphere.

Since, we are empowering more women here in Rishikesh to be a part of our team “ Rishikesh Day Tour, So, finally, got a woman as a tourist guide in Rishikesh, her name is Anju Maurya, she is an only female tourist guide in the northern state of Uttarakhand, India. So, come and explore your world with us.

Anju Maurya

Anju Maurya has a lust of Himalaya. She loves doing yoga and taking people around nature in the Himalaya to explore the Himalaya's hidden beauty & Himalayan Herbs and she speaks their benefits according to Ayurvedic traditions. She speaks of the variety of natural medicines who have left their energies to this distant Himalayan Mountains and she makes us feel the essence of true nature of local Himalayan life through her knowledge.

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