Haridwar Local Sightseeing

Haridwar is one of the holy cities of Hinduism, the cradle of mysticism that is home to the greatest pilgrimage center on the planet, the Kumbh Mela. Haridwar is the capital of the homonymous district in the state of Uttarakhand, in northern India at distance of 220 km from New Delhi.

In Haridwar local sightseeing, there is its best known Ghat, the Hari-ki-Paudi, "the imprint of God Vishnu " the Gorakhnath temple dedicated to Guru Gorakhnath, the Birbhadreshwar Temple and the Sati Kund.

Along the banks of the Ganges in Haridwar, there are several Ashrams of the Sadhus and Yogis, places of Meditation and Yoga Schools, among which stand out the Bharat Ashram , Shanti Kunj Ashram, Patanjali Yog Peeth, Ashram,Mansa, Devi Temple, Chandi Devi Temple and the Pawan Dham Ashram, very famous Temple dedicated to Hanuman realized with pieces of glass.

Moreover, Haridwar, the "gateway to god", is the city that together with three other holy cities - Allahabad, Ujjain, and Nasik, hosts the periodical Festival of Kumbha Mela with its oceanic gatherings of Hindu pilgrims..

Haridwar Local Tour