Haridwar Heritage Walk cum Photography Tour-The central market of Haridwar: Moti Bazaar, a few steps from the main ghat is an intricate network of streets full of shops of all kinds. Between Moti Bazaar, Upper Road and Jwalapur you will find every possible commodity. This area of bazaar being very frequent from locals and very little from foreigners has really cheap prices and very original products. Lose yourself among stalls selling Hindu sacred icons, textiles and Ayurvedic products, it will be worth it.

 Photography Tour haridwar

The ghats of Haridwar and Ganga Aarti:-Har Ki Pauri is the perfect places during the day to take beautiful photos of giant Shiva statues that rise in this area and admire the local people who relax and pray on the banks of the Ganges; in the evening a symbol of the celebration of spectacular choreographic pujas during the Ganga Aarti (ceremony of thanksgiving to the river Ganges) that is celebrated at sunset (but also, in a less spectacular way, in the morning). The main Ghat of Haridwar are 4: Har Ki Pauri is the most important, where the Ganga Aarti is celebrated and where most of the faithful decide to bathe in the cold and powerful waters of the river

In the evening, the Ganga Aarti- In the evening, the Ganga Aarti is held in Hari-ki-Pauri Ghat (literally "Feet of the Lord"), in terms of spiritual importance, Hari-ki-Pauri is considered as important as Dashashwamedh Ghat in Varanasi. Legend has it that it was born where the nectar fell (Amrit) from a plate carried by sacred birds (Garuda). Heritage Walk End.