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Treks in Garhwal Himalaya- Dronagiri Trek

Considered to be a finest and exciting trek of Garhwal Himalaya Uttarakhand, Dronagiri is still unfolded trek route in Uttarakhand. Similar to several others undiscovered natural destination of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand, this part is filled with scenic flora and fauna. During the springtime and mid-summer seasons, the almost all parts of mountain slopes are embraced with innumerable kinds of alpine floral species that put Dronagiri into a paradise.

Treks in Garhwal Himalaya- Chaainsheel Trek

Chaainsheel Trek
Chaainsheel Trek

“Rested at an altitude of 3,600 meters from sea level, Chaainsheel is an unfold trekking destination in Garhwal Uttarakhand that has overlapped from trekker’s eyes for a very long period. It is still less traveled as trekking point in the state and so, it makes it a virgin destination for adventure lovers. The grass-covered Chaainsheel constitutes a dozen meadows & grassy slopes extending many kilometers in each direction and is the home of a few lakes as well.”

Treks in Garhwal Himalaya- Valley of flower

valley of flower
Valley of Flower

Settled into the trans-Himalayas of Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, at an altitude of 3600 meters from sea level stretches a very quiet and still valley known for a myriad of Himalayan flowers and shrubs that blessed the region and paying a stunning landscape of different shades of hues and colors. Valley of Flowers is located in the district of Chamoli of Garhwal Uttarakhand and for reaching to this stunning floral valley, the climbers have to climb to an elevation of 3,700 meters.

Treks in Garhwal Himalaya- Deoriyatal Trek

deoriyatal trek
Deoriyatal trek

“Stretched at an altitude of 2,400 meters from sea level, Devariyatal is a natural high-elevated lake. The 2-km trekking gives some of the exciting ariel views of Saari village and its verdant paddy rice fields. The impressive & clear reflection of the giant Chaukhamba snow-capped peak in the emerald water of Deoriyatal Lake is a sight to bewitch. The Devariyatal Lake is a super perfect ubication for camping with near & dear and family as well.  Camping just beside the lake is an insightful experience.”

Treks in Garhwal Himalaya- Har-Ki-Doon Trek

Har Ki doon
Hari Ki Doon

Perched at an altitude of 3,500 meters, Har Ki Doon is a pleasing and gratifying trek in the Garhwal Himalayas which grants trekkers picturesque natural scene of nature & gushing waterfalls, mountains clad by snow, forests rolled out with pine and oak trees, gurgling rivers. The mighty snow-covered giant Swargarohini Mountain, overlooking the valley is beholding sights of trekkers.

Treks in Garhwal Himalaya- Gomukh Trek

Gomukh Trek
Gomukh in Garhwal Himalaya

A godly blessed pilgrimage center, as well a popular trekking cum pilgrimage destination, also written as Gaumukh. It is the part of the Gangotri glacier ecosystem from where Bhagirathi River (Ganges) sprouts.  The spellbinding trekking route, heading to Gomukh, offers a moderate grade of trekking that passes through verdant Himalayan valleys, brooklet, scenic hamlets, and conifers and oak trees forests. The overwhelming Bhagirathi mountain peak above Gangotri glacier is something beyond that is rooted forever into your memories.

Treks in Garhwal Himalaya- Dayara Bugyal trek

dayara bugyal trek
Dayara Bugyal

Dayara Bugyal trek is a serene selection for enthusiasts who explore the untouched beauty of Garhwal Himalaya, this trekking path is easy to step in respect to other treks. With lush green Himalayan valleys and sparkling water streams and vividly enriched flora and fauna that offers a scenic view, surprisingly,  Dayara Bugyal is one of the most scenic treks in the Garhwal Uttarakhand.  It is the best destination for nature photography.  Dayara Bugyal hails a lot of moments to the photographers to capture nature in the Himalaya.

Treks in Garhwal Himalaya- Kedartal Trek

Kedartal Trek
Kedartal in Garhwal Himalaya

“Located an altitude of 4,900 meters, Kedartal is one of the high elevated natural Himalayan lakes in Garhwal Uttarakhand.” The trekking route to Kedartal is full of excitement and adventure-filled mesmerizing trek into the Himalayan Mountains in Garhwal Uttarakhand. Camping site under crystal clear deep blue sky, under overlooking peaks of Mt. Thalaysagar and Brighupanth is always an insightful adventure. Kedartal is known for its winter adventure activity which calls adventurous oriented people to this place.

Treks in Garhwal Himalaya- Dodital Trek

dodital lake
Dodital Lake in Garhwal Himalaya

It is perched at height of 3,300 meters from sea level, Dodital is one of the natural formed high-perched lake and a famous trekking destination among trekkers. The echoing trek takes place into marvelous verdant valleys, nestled hamlets with nature, and dense oak forests. Dodital also offers a trek route which leads to Darwa pass. Darwa pass gives eye-catching glimpse Trans Himalayan Mountain peaks.

Treks in Garhwal Himalaya-Roopkund Trek

roopkund trek,dronagiri trek,
Roopkund Trek

Roopkund trek is divinely famous treks in Garhwal Uttarakhand because of remains of the human skeleton that environs the lake of the Roopkund. The trekking trails take you through, verdant meadows of Ali and Bedni Bugyal rewarding mind-blowing scenic views of the mighty Himalayan Mountains namely, Mt. Trishul. Although Roopkund is a high elevated lake, the trek route is countable l for beginners because of the wide trekking path and less dense forest where one can trek easily.

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