Lakha Mandal Temple Dehradun District

Lakha Mandal Temple Dehradun District 

The pilgrims who visit the Uttarakhand, Deva Bhoomi feel a deep reverence and devotion towards the god as they visit the explicit spiritual sites and divine temples. Apart from these, this place provides exciting adventure activities in the Himalayan mountains. However, one such amazing sight which makes visitors wonder stuck with its mystery and the architectural brilliance is Lakha Mandal Temple of Lord. The uniqueness of the temple is that you can view hundreds of Shiva Lingas with different shapes and sizes. Hence one can feel the holy vibes and experience the serenity of the place. Whoever wants to experience a peaceful and divine vibe should visit this temple.

How to reach this place?

This temple is located in the Chakrata hill station which elevated at an altitude of 2,118  m in Dehradun district. The nearest airport to this temple is Dehradun airport whereas the nearest railway station is Dehradun railways. From here one can take a taxi or bus based on individual convenience.

Why visit Chakrata?

This bewitching hill station invites adventures, enthusiastic people, with activities like mountain climbing, trekking, and the famous skiing during winter at the Mundali. This place offers a dazzling view of the Himalayan mountains which captivates visitors. Apart from these, it as an ancient and sacred temple that dates back to Mahabratha time. One such temple is Lakha Mandal Temple.

Lakha Mandal Temple Dehradun District
Lakha Mandal Temple Dehradun District

Legends of the Lakha Mandal Temple Dehradun District

The legends of the temple are related to the Mahabharata. The envies Duryodhana tries to kill Pandavas to gain the emperor’s position. Duryodhana pursuing them to stay in the palace which was built by the wax. There is a secret cave Dhundhi Odaari near the temple which was a hiding place of the Pandavas.

Another legend is the giant statues with weapons situated near the entrance are said to be Dwarapalakas of the temple. The name of the statue is Manava(human) and Danava(Devil). These two status is compared with the doorman of Lord Vishnu Jaya and Vijaya. Here in this temple, the locals believe them to be Arjuna and Bhima.

Lakha Mandal Temple

This ancient temple is related to the Lakshagrah of Pandavas which was built to kill them by Duryodhana. Apart from this, there is a very unique and holy shiva linga which reflects like a mirror when the water pours on it. One can see themself in the linga. Near to the temple, one can view the tunnel used by Pandavas and their mother Kunti Devi to escape from the fire. On this hill, there are many other tunnels as well. Moreover, Visiting this temple leaves visitors perplexed.

Weather in Chakrata 

Summer is the best time to visit this place as the temperature here varies from 30 degrees to 10 degrees. Chakrata is the best summer vacation spot to spend the holidays. If you are planning to visit here in summer, carry light woollen clothes during summer.

In winter this place is covered with snow, the best place for winter sports like skiing. If you’re planning a winter vacation here to view the skiing are want to participate here then carry warm clothes are the temperature varies from 15 degrees to 5 degrees.

Monsoon is nature lovers season during this time of year you can witness the dazzling colours of nature and the lovely chirping of birds. But as it is a hill station, it is advisable not to travel during this time of year as the landslide is possible during heavy rains.

Places to visit near Lakha Mandal Temple Dehradun District

Tiger falls

This amazing waterfall was not much visited by the tourist as it is in the midst of the forest. Trekkers visit this place while trekking apart from the people who want to enjoy the serenity of the place plan a picnic here and enjoy nature’s amazing view and calmness here.


A scenic picnic and honeymoon place which is in the amid of the dense forest of deodar trees and green meadows. Here you can just relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Along with this, you can opt for trekking as well here.

Mahasu Devta Temple

This main deity in the temple is Lord Shiva. Once a demon used to trouble people of this region. One of the devotees of the lord suggested to the people that they should pray to Lord shiva. Then lord instructed a resident of this place Deolari Devi. The instruction was to send her four sons to fight with a demon after a long battle they killed the demon. After a few years once while ploughing the field they found four shiva linga in the land from that day. They call Lord shiva here as Mahasu Devta.


Lakha Mandal Temple in Dehradun District is an amazing spiritual and mystic place with marvellous scenic beauty.

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