bird watching tour package-in rishikesh rajaji national-park

Bird Watching Tour Rishikesh

The itinerary includes visits to Rajaji National Park using Gypsy for birdings in the core zone of park , using the bird watching trail whcih has been developed by the park athourity to promote birds watching in the park, in the evening ,nearby the Ganga River at the Beatles ashram and nearby cave of Mauni Baba.

Attractions :

  • Rajaji Nation Park, Beatles Ashram
  • Jeep Safari to the birdings trail
  • USD 50 per person

    Minimum 2 Person

Bird Watching Tour Rishikesh


After tiger, bear, and elephant, Rajaji National Park is becoming the hub of bird watching. Here foreign birds watcher lovers are coming in Rishikesh for bird watching.

There are about 800 species of birds in Uttarakhand. Among these alone, there are 400 species around the forests of the Rajaji National Park Division. This is the reason why the bird lovers around the world have had a trend towards the Rishikesh for birding in the Rajaji National Park Forest Division.

There are 400 species of birds are presently in Rajaji National Park zone alone, around 500 species of birds migrate during the winter season in the park. Even in the summer season, the birds from the south reach here in Rajaji National Park area. So, the park administration has prepared three birding trails here (trail of observation of birds) so that bird watching can be promoted.

Detailed Itinerary

After breakfast at Hotel, proceed in the private transport for Rajaji National Park, Chila Range area, after reaching at the Birding Trail, bird watching about 4 hrs.,using Gypsy in the core Zone of Chila Range of the park Later, Lunch at Local restaurant in Rishikesh, evening Birding near Chaurasi Kutiya, it is globally known as the Beatles Ashram which lies on the bank of the Ganges in Rishikesh and Mauni Baba Cave area. Later, return to the Hotel.

Some Birds are; Alexandrine Parakeet, Alpine Swift, Ashy Bulbul, Ashy Crowned Sparrow Lark, Ashy ,Ashy Prinia, Asian Barred Owlet, Asian Brown, Flycatcher Asian Koel , Asian openbill stork, Asian, Palm-Swif, Asian Paradise-Flycatche , Asian Pied Starling , Bank Myna , Bar headed Goose, Bar tailed, Bar winged flycather shrike, Barn Owl, Barn Swallow, Barred Buttonquail, Baya Weaver ,Bay-backed Shrike.