Rajaji National Park

A pristine National Park of over 820 sq km, famous for its large population of wild elephants. There are also tigers, leopards, majestic sambar (the largest deer species in India), bears labia and a very rich birdlife of over 300 species of birds. The daily excursion includes jeep transport to the Park, entrance fee, and jeep safari inside the Park with a nature guide.

Jungle Jeep Safari in the Chila Rage of the Rajaji National Park is the stunning & most nature-filled half day adventure activity in Rishikesh. Chilla Range of the Rajaji National park is famous for the elephant and bird watching whereas the Motichur Range of the Rajaji National Park is for the Tigers & Leopards.
The Jeep Safari lasts for 3 hr in the Jungle Entry Ticket INR 150 for the Indian traveller and INR 600 for the foreign tourist. Apart from the ticket, visitors need to book the Jeep Safari that cost INR 1800 for Indian residents and INR 2000 for the Non- Indian residents and in a Jeep 4 persons can accommodate safely.

Bharat Mandir Temple

is located near the Triveni Ghat, a great temple of the god Vishnu. Since it was the place of penance of the younger brother of God Ram, Bharat, it became known as the temple of Bharat. The deity who presides over this temple is Narayana and the inscriptions say that this temple was renovated by Shankaracharya..


near the Triveni Ghat is a very old place, where it is said that the holy Kund was blessed by the goddess Yamuna, who filled the pond with its water. The Raghunath temple dedicated to the god Rama and his wife Sita is located here

Vasisht Cave

The Vasisht Cave is located at the distance of 16 km from the Rishikesh Town, Uttarakhand on the right bank of holy Ganges River in the lap of Himalaya. The Vasisht cave is considered the most sacred place of Rishikesh. The very famous Hindu Saint Sri Swami Pursottamnanda Ji visited this cave in the year 1928 and 1961.

Beatles Ashram

Ashram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: this is the ashram visited by the Beatles in 1968. It is worth wandering through the ruins. The four members of the group went there to attend a transcendental meditation course at the Indian ashram of the Yogi Maharishi Mahesh. During their stay at the ashram, the Beatles wrote many songs that would later be published in The Beatle album.
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